Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Over the years I believe that I have mastered the art of test preparation and I believe this statement to be true since I have had many chances to test different study habits. A mixture of individual study and group study make a deadly combo move for test. Before I start studying I text anyone who might contact me like my parents for example and let them know that i am turning my phone off to help me focus on the task at hand and then I lock my phone away to avoid temptation. After all distractions are off (i.e phones , apple watches and television) I read over whatever that I am supposed to be studying out loud to help me remember the information better. Only after I have read will , I make notes just so my attention wont get divided between reading and note taking. Afterward I take notes with any questions that I have on what I read or something I found interesting/ important .Once this process is finished I make note cards of key events and terms and quiz myself with them. Now what I do after this is the most important part of the study routine, I make sure to take a break for 30 minutes to ensure that I don't become burnt out and discouraged. During my break I find out of those who are in my class who wants to study and quiz each other to prepare for the test. When in group studying typically we go over the notes we made and ask each other questions of different topics we didn't fully understand or found interesting. Another big thing for me is making sure that we all do flashcard quizzing or some sort of question and answer to test our knowledge. But the most essential part of the test preparation what you do the night before which is why I make sure to go to bed early to make sure I am well rested and relaxed. I believe my routines work because I do things so that I don't feel overwhelmed and tired aka avoiding the burn out students usually get.

Nakyyia from New Jersey
High School Senior
Nakyyia M Douglas