Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have found that making sure I read all of the required reading is helpful. I write down all of the vocab while I am doing this. This allows me to understand the language while I am reading the text. I then go on and take notes. I find taking notes to be most effective after I have already read the text because I know what is the most important bits of the text. I then take notes using headings to separate sections. I find that this is effective because it makes it easier to go back and find specific information. I also write the ideas from the passage in my own words so that I ensure that I am understanding what I am reading. I do not write down the definitions again because I have them in a separate place and it would bog down my notes. I finally go on to answer any questions on the text. I do this without using the book to make sure that I remember and understood what I was studying.
I use the pomodoro method as well so that I do not get worn out while study. After ever 15-20 minutes I go to another subject before circling around. I then explain the information to my younger sister to ensure I understand it enough to teach the information.

Hannah from Michigan
High School Senior
Hannah E Kohtz