Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The systematic practices and methods I use personally use in order to effectively get myself ready for any sort of test revolves around the idea of daily practice and medium work ethics. Just about everyday, I usually study for certain classes, the ones where I am at risk at failing, such as Pre-Calculus. However, I usually do it in a manner which I study for the class that I understand well but for a short time. However, as the grades of my classes declines overall, the more time I study for each class the more where I am at risk. However, on the days leading up to the test, I usually drop much of what I am doing with the majority of my classes, except for the ones where I am attempting my grade up to a passing C, and study moderately for the entire day, an average of 4 hours. Technically, i could also study more hours yet the problems lie in the amount of rest allowed. The annual necessary amount of sleep needed for me to do well on the exam and focus is roughly 8 hours. Anything less and my mind is grungy during the assignment, forcing me to get a lower grade. To add on, the amount of preparation during the day is minimal; study for a short amount of time, as the stress could tire you out and leave you worse than before. Just calm down during the assessment and everything will turn out great eventually.

Vicente from California
High School Senior
Los Amigos High School