Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have many test preparation practices that work for me when I am studying for any exam. My first technique is setting and following a schedule. WhenI follow a schedule I am doing homework, athletics, volunteering, and most importantly finding time to study. When I find time to study I find that the best way to study is by a tremendous amount of repetition. I start studying for tests at least a week in advance to make sure that all the information from the unit stays in my head. The next important part of my repetition is repeating the notes as many times as I can. When I am studying I go over notes from one section multiple times to make sure I am educating myself as much as possible from studying. Another thing that I like to do is what I call the "Tri- Tactic". The tri-tactic is something that I personally do to hit all three types of learning: auditory, visual, and physical. When I am studying I will look at notes, to cover visual learning, say the notes aloud, to cover auditory learning, and do a physical motion like tap my fingers, foot, or chew gum, and that covers the physical learning aspects. Finally, the last thing I do and the most crucial thing I do is eliminate distractions. I turn off my phone and any other electronics, I will go outside or at least isolate myself, and sometimes turn on music to study to. With this sense of focus toward my test preparations, I am allowing full focus on my notes the full time I am studying.

Brian from Texas
High School Senior
Lovejoy High School