Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have been a cheerleader since I started talking. It began with me sitting on the couch cheering on the football team that my dad was watching. As I got order, I eventually got my own pom poms and team to cheer for. I remember making up cheers with my sister and teaching them to my friends at practice. As my passion for the sport grew, I learned to use my skills in my academics.
I started turning my study guides into cheers. I made up cheers for the planets in kindergarten and progressed thru the years to cheers for the first explorers. In high school, I had cheers for my statics class, world geography class, and even my economic class. My cheers brought me many good grades and helped me become an honor graduate.
This fall, I will be start my college career. I do plan on trying out for the cheer team, but regardless of the outcome, I will be cheering in college. It might not be on the sidelines though rather in the classroom. It has worked well so far. I don't plan on changing it now! I have turned my passion for cheer into a study skill that works for me. It is funny though, I can still cheer the planets and explorers. I don't forget any of my cheers as I add new ones to my collection. My friends have laughed at me thru the years but my cheers have landed me with a 3.875 as a graduating high school senior.

Hannah from Georgia
High School Senior
Archer High School