Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In my opinion, one thing that stops most people from getting good grades on the tests is the anxiety they face while taking the test. So, the preparation that I used to do is not preparing for the test but prepare to get over the anxiety. I will take my final exam preparation in college as an example. For the most of time, the professor would give every student the content of final exam a week before the exam starts. That content is crucial for my preparation because I plan all my review, or so called “grinding schedule” based on this content. By look over my final exam content, I list out the chapter that I am going to review every day, and I usually fill them up until the two days before the exam, because the last day is used for overall reviewing. But listing out the review plan is not the end of story. The hardest thing for everyone, including me is, sticking with it. Having procrastination is no longer a news among college students. Based on the instinct, people tend to put hard works after easy stuff. However, by doing this, we extend our regular working schedule and cause some of the work could not be finished. That sense of not finishing work brings up anxiety and every related negative feeling. What I could recommend is, starting the review as early as possible. Different subjects would have different review plans. For Calculus it might be doing practice questions and for Psychology it would be reading extra articles. But after all, if students follow all of their plan, at the last day before the exam they could either look over their wrong questions on mid-terms or all the practices they have done, but no new stuff absorbing. By doing this, they are telling themselves that they prepared already, increasing their confidence, which reduce the possibility of getting anxious. So, in summary, list out the review plan and stick with it; start the daily plan as early as possible and, at last, look over finished practices.

Michael from Pennsylvania
College Sophomore
University of Pittsburgh