Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

7 easy steps

1. Begin with time management, meaning you should start as early as possibly, to help ensure you can reduce stress and cramming. This also shortens the daily time spent on studying as you will pace out your work load. Layout 1 -2 hours a day to study for this test..

2. Analyses of the syllabus, taking the time out to understand the backbone of your test or exam is vital, simply looking over the syllables and speaking aloud each topic and sub topic everyday will help you memorize the general areas of information.

3.Creating a semi-detailed revision guide, writing or typing out a revision guide should be part of every test preparation. This semi-detailed revision guide should focus on key points of the syllables and focus on giving specific details such as terms and subtopic specific info. This should not be overly detailed and should not be a word for word copy of the original text.

4. Creating a very detailed revision guide, This should be a condensed version of the text, offering all terms, date and key information. this guide should a shorthand version of the original text.

5. Now that all preparations for studying have been made use your schedule you created in your time management step to assign study sessions throughout each day approx. 20-40 minutes 2-3 times a day. If the topics are short enough try to study through 1 every day or 2 days. Studying with this preparation guide should follow as such, starting with the 1st study session of the day focusing on the simpler guide, then on the 2nd or 3rd session use the detailed guide.

6. Periodically throughout the day look over and read aloud your syllabus and see how much information you can connect with the topics and subtopics.

7. Lastly Eat right and sleep right, your brain might not be a muscle but it shares the similar need for nutrients and rest, without a proper amount of sleep and healthy fruits, vegetable and proteins your brain wont work at its best. Preparation is 90% of Success

Rafael from Alaska
College Freshman
Rafael Kaiser-Ramirez