Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have definitely come a long way with test preparation. I have never considered myself a great test taker until recently. Now I have a system; I have learned that I have to learn how to self educate any time I do not understand or struggle with class notes. I teach myself through studying resources leading up to the test (usually 1-3 weeks) before instead of waiting to the last minute. This includes fr college entrance exams or AP exams-- I begin studying well before the test. To do this, I have become extremely organized where I have learned to manage my time and prioritize tasks so that I can get the job done. I have also learned to definitely study resources available to me- prep books, content videos, powerpoint, etc. I also create study cards as needed which break down for me the quick ways to remember mnemonics or abbreviations I nay have memorized. I also ask my parents to assist me in prepping for the test since my mother has taught many AP and ACT prep courses. I really try to utilize all resources available to me; if that doesn't work, I will attend tutoring with my teachers. I roll up my sleeves and work hard to prep for tests, and it has paid off. I refuse to not do well, and work hard to go the extra mile since I struggle with tests- it has paid off on my GPA and AP/ACT tests. Before tests, I always eat breakfast (I eat breakfast daily though), wear a collared shirt and bow-tie to make myself feel great and go in to get the Jon done.

Jimmy from Colorado
High School Senior
KIPP Northeast Denver Leadership Academy