Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for tests is hard, no matter who you are or how smart you might be. Everyone has their own way of preparing for a test, some prefer to study with flashcards, and other prefer to rewrite information over and over again. In order to successfully study for a test, I like to read the information that I am studying out loud. I also like to write down important information, so that I can read what I am writing and understand it better. It is easier for me to read information out loud, so that I am able to understand it better. Writing down important information also helps me in test preparation, because I am physically writing, reading, and reviewing the information I am studying.
This may be frustrating to others around me, as I am constantly reading information out loud, but it has greatly benefited me. By reading out loud, I am able to read the words, and say them back to myself so that I can hear them again. This helps my brain to better understand the information I am reading, because I am able to see it, hear it, and write about it, rather than glancing over it. Reading the information in my head is simply not enough. If I read the information purely in my head, I have figured out that I am more prone to skipping over information. When I say what I am reading out loud, I do not skip over information, otherwise what I am saying will not make sense. When I write important information that I have read, I am able to understand the information much more efficiently. My own hand is writing it, therefore I have to pay attention to what I am writing. These techniques have greatly benefited me, and I plan to continue to use them throughout my college education.

McKenna from Arizona
High School Senior
Laurel Springs School