Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The best way to prepare for a test in my personal opinion is to study in small increments throughout the week before it must be taken. I take thorough notes during the professors' lecture, read through the assigned chapters for the class, as well as watch the recommended videos and read the attached excerpts from the professor to understand the content of the topic better. As I do this work, I begin to slowly construct a Quizlet daily, which is a website that allows you to make virtual notecards and study them as needed, with the information I have gathered so far. Each day I add to and study the Quizlet in two, thirty-minute increments for a total of sixty minutes of studying. I make it a goal to memorize, at the very least, twenty notecards from the set. After the first thirty-minutes of studying, I take about a five to ten-minute break to allow my brain a moment of rest so as to not overload it with information or overwork it. During this time, I will typically watch some television, prep for my next task, or handle a smaller task to get it out of the way. Once the break’s time ends, I begin to study once more for the final thirty minutes. I do this routine every day, once a day, for an hour a day. When it is the night before the test, I will usually study the notecards all at once one more time before bed. I also study the notecards for the last time about one to two hours before the test to keep the information fresh within my mind. I only recently began this test preparation in my Freshman year of college, and it made a great deal of difference in my testing abilities. I would often forget about the test or wait until the last minute to study for one. However, this cannot be the case in college as I quickly found out. It makes it easier when you really understand the topic your class is going over and helps tremendously when you take notes not only from the book but from the lectures as well. This is, I believe, the best way to prepare for a test and succeed.

Alexis 😬 from Arizona
College Sophomore
Grand Canyon University