Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Personally, what has worked for me is repetition and practice. Some might say that it is the old school way of studying, but it has worked for me in the past. When it comes to remembering key terms, I just create flashcards and similar things in order for me to keep these facts in my head and to not forget them when I take tests. I remember when I had biology tests and we had to learn all the organelles for both animal and plant cells. I remember I had to create these flashcards in which I would write the vocabulary and the definitions. This however only works for me when I have to memorize vocabulary and other things that don’t require any sort of arithmetic such as history and ELA.
When it comes to mathematics and physics, this really doesn’t help at all. What is there to memorize other than a few equations and certain assumptions that you have to determine when you take the test. In these classes, I prefer another old school way of studying for the exams, practice. Literally practice solving the questions and then you will be able to understand the way that they are supposed to work. For example, in Calculus you're not really supposed to memorize anything, or so the teacher tells me, instead you derive the equations and solve the question in accordance with the derived equation, which is exactly the same when you solve physics questions. There isn’t a magical equation that solves every single type of question that by just plugging in certain values. Memorization is rather trivial, so the only alternative that works for me is practice.
These are the methods that work very well for me. I’m not one for group study sessions because I can easily get distracted by having another person sitting next to me, so I just prefer to work alone.

Joel from Texas
High School Senior
Joel D Gonzalez