Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Sitting in the shade on a sunny day, listening to the trees whistle in the wind- this is my ideal environment for test preparation. For me, tests come with unnecessary stress and anxiety. I open up my textbooks and often find myself overwhelmed with information and instantly ready to give up. However, throughout my years of taking tests, I have realized that best works for me: the outdoors. It may seem distracting at first; however, nature offers so many unrealized opportunities for studying. The birds chirping and the wind blowing offers just enough background noise to not be distracted by silence nor chaos. Studying outdoors has allowed me to develop a studying practice that has become extremely fruitful for me. I first find a spot in the shade to sit and spread out all of my test preparation materials on. I then commence my studying by taking old exams (if the professor offers them) and familiarizing myself with the information. Once I have tested my initial knowledge, I then narrow down my textbook reading to the information that I am not familiar with. Additionally, I will take practice quizzes and look up additional information on anything I am confused about. Once I feel confident in the information I studied, I proceed to take the practice tests again to test my current knowledge. From there, I will focus on studying subjects that I continuously get incorrect and work on perfecting my knowledge on that information. Although this test preparation seems very simple, I have found that conducting the practice outdoors truly makes a difference as my brain is more aware and retains more information. In fact, it has even been proven by research that spending time outdoors increases blood flow to the brain which helps us to remember information. Evidently, nature offers a sense of relaxation that releases stress and allows us to think more clearly which definitely helps when studying for a test. Therefore, nature plays a major role in preparing for a test.

Julia from Florida
College Freshman
University of Florida