Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The GreatTest preparation strategies I have are threefold! Make a story, write a story, and tell a story. That's right we all, especially my family, are great story tellers. It's the first time as an adult that lying will be rewarded...and because you made it up it will stick. First, I think about what I'm studying for intensely. That's right I just in think. I fill my mind with positive experiences I've had in the past and then I write: Title at the top of a piece of paper. For example, I'm in Nursing and My last class was Biochemistry. Title: Biochemistry who should care? Next, I read all the material and jot down the questions at the beginning of the chapter I'm studying, paraphrasing of course. Now, I'm ready to make a story. I find someway that the answers to the "outcomes" are familiar or unfamiliar and I make a story up in my head 1st. I don't care if it makes sense or not. Then I write that story down. For example, when learning about hemoglobin and myoglobin which are the two proteins in my topic. I relate everything to me. "I could never be a hemoglobin, the four subunits bind and release oxygen which sounds like a job. I'd rather be my own lonely one unit myoglobin and live in my deltoid muscle then to worry about if oxygen isn't there then i have to get all bent out of shape, turn purple because haters aren't letting my light shine and all for what?..." Next, I tell a classmate my story. I understand whats going on in the lesson at this point. Next time I study the same class, I add on to the story or change it based on what trends I see work for me. My personal recall is best for stories that don't make sense, are very flamboyant and review the parts of the lesson that most people have difficulty learning. I'm burned 56% of my body from my waist up and suffered a learning disability. This is one of my best tips for a large amount information where specifics are important, especially if you need to recall them later well after the test as in Nursing!

omesha from Georgia
College Junior
WGU Western Governors University