Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I believe that great test preparation practices focus on quality rather than quantity. One hour of mindful studying is more effective than five hours of mindless studying. Mindful studying can best be achieved in a group setting because each member can support and help another stay on task. In today's society, there are countless distractions, such as social media, that can lead to procrastination and unfocused studying. In a group setting, distractions can be minimized because individuals can be responsible for each other.
In addition, multiple perspectives on a topic from different individuals can clear up confusions and misunderstandings that could arise if one were to study alone. After all, the best ideas come from collaboration and cooperation. Group members that are more experienced in the topic have the ability to not only guide less experienced members but also reinforce their own understanding of the topic through speaking the thought processes out loud. Regardless of skill, ability, or talent, it is a win-win situation for all group members if they choose to be productive. Each individual will gain a better understanding of the topic.
On another note, the quality of studying can be amplified if, in a group setting, the group chooses to focus on mnemonics, which can assist with memorizing information if that were to be the goal of the test. This brings me to my final note of the benefit of group studying: testing each other. Whether it be using mnemonics, flashcards, or other techniques, testing one another on a topic makes test preparation more engaging and fun, especially if it were with friends. Of course, it shouldn't turn into a distraction, but rather a way to make review a more enjoyable time.
Finally, no matter which technique you use, much of it would be wasted if you did not sleep enough the night before. Sleep is crucial to long-term retainment of information (which is what we want in the end), and it feels best to come into a test rested!

Victor from Texas
High School Senior
Glenda Dawson High School