Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My personal test preparation is all about repetition. Without consistent practice there is little room for proper understanding. Whether it be notecards, textbook problems, or worksheets from class the more you identify and work through the problems the easier it will be to recall and execute the same in testing situations. Especially when it comes to a math exam I will rework every single homework problem assigned to assure that I'll be able to at least identify a starting point. Rewriting and organizing class and textbook notes is a good way to almost drill the information into your head with the constant rewriting and highlighting. Notes I have written are always easier for me to recall than when I've simply read the information. Before a test I also like to reassure myself, it may seem almost ridiculous to give yourself a pre-test pep talk, but the confidence it instills is a large aid in whether or not I feel comfortable during testing. Comfort is key, and knowledge is comfort. In the past I've had a habit of being incredibly hard on myself when I have received less than ideal grades, and I really tend to beat myself up instead of using it to motivate my study habits. It's been a difficult process of realizing that without taking my failures and evaluating what I had done wrong there was no chance of improving. It took a while for me to realize that complaining gets you nowhere, but hard work makes all the difference.

Alika from Arizona
College Sophomore
Alika Carranza