Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout my high school experience, especially my senior year, the most effective study habit I have is a simple note system my teachers have taught me called Cornell Notes. The Cornell Notes system makes it easier for the user to condense information via a systematic format, through this format I was able to highlight key points in my lessons and study effectively. The first thing that helps me out to create my Cornell notes is to have notes I originally took for the subject and also have the material that the test will be based on. For example, a chapter of Calculus, article, or a piece of literature from an English class will do perfectly as long as it's informative. Then I condense all of the information down in the systematic structure of Cornell notes. For those who don't know how to do it or make it what you'd have to do is take a piece of paper then first fold it in half to the margin line and draw a line in the fold outline if you'd like, then draw or fold a line several lines above the last line on the piece of paper. After that its pretty simple to fill out, first, in the main big column that you made with the original fold or line is where all the important notes, keywords, and important facts from lectures go in and after that, you highlight things you think or know will be on the test. On the space to the left from were, the line is from the main column is where you'll write down questions about the main notes you took so you can review what you'd think the test will be on. The line you drew or fold that you made near the bottom of the paper is for you to summarize in about three to four sentences what you now remember or know what to do with the problems or questions that you had. After you finish you can study it with your friends if you would like and both study and quiz each other on the notes. Personally, I use this method to study on my own but then have someone read it and quiz me on the notes I took, so far I have passed all my tests.

Julian from California
High School Senior
Venture Academy