Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout the years, I have found a variety of methods that work for me when it comes to test preparation. Regarding classes that are textbook-based, I hand write notes as I am reading the chapters. Then, as an exam approaches, I type up the notes according to topic highlighting key words and definitions. Then, I make flashcards about information that I am unsure of and look over the flashcards for a few days. After the exam, I save my notes and flashcards so that they could be easily accessible for final exams and other cumulative tests. In terms of science classes and other classes that require graphs and diagrams, I find it really helpful to use colored pencils and highlighters for the details. For essay and writing based tests, I write topic sentences on one side of a flashcard and key information about paragraphs on the back. Additionally, I find it really helpful to study with friends. For example, my friend and I had a huge biology test and we met at the library and made flashcards for one another. We then quizzed each other on the information and had fun because we were together. Also, friends make really good accountability partners. My friend and I text each other every night and share what we’ve studied during the day to motivate each other and ensure that we are on the right track. Overall, it is really important for students to practice studying techniques that ensure success for their learning style.

Maura from New York
High School Senior
Northport High School