Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Looking for the best test preparation practices? Well then you found the right essay because I have the best way to prep for a test. The first way to properly prepare for a test is to give yourself time. Prepping for a test at least a week in advanced helps me properly remember all the information I need to know. The next way to prepare is to create a study sheet. Putting all the information that you need to know all in the same place will definitely keep you more organized and prepared for your test. I like to write all definitions and key points for the topic or chapter of my test. The thing that helped me prepare for my test the most is repetition and hand writing my study sheet. Writing definitions and key points over and over again helps me memorize them better. The last helpful tip is to create flashcards and test yourself. Flashcards can help in remembering definitions and important points for your tests. These are some things that help prepare me for my tests and I think that they will help you prepare for yours. So remember to give yourself time and repeat, repeat,repeat.

Brianna from New York
College Sophomore
Brianna Barron