Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For my test preparations I like to read the entire chapter beforehand, this helps me get a better understanding of the test material even before the lecture. I also enjoy taking cornell style notes with questions on one side, vocabulary, and other main concepts on the left and then elaborations on the right. A week prior to the test, I like to skim the chapter again and take notes while doing so. For example, last year for my AP World History class I had started off the semester with a B, or an 81% and discovered that just reading alone was not working. Afterwards, my father taught me a new method of reading/ skimming the chapter and under major headings reading the first and last sentences and bullet ideas into my own understanding. Then I would read and consistently go over them throughout the week and have my friends quiz me. Although, time consuming this method proved to work and over the course of one semester, and many tests later, I was able to raise my grade up 11% to a 92%. Overall, in the class my teacher had stated that I had accomplished and demonstrated the highest improvement in a short amount of time that he had ever seen while working at my school. Following, this accomplishment many of my friends and other classmates had asked what technique I had used because I went from getting B's and C's on my tests to A's. This would definitely be one of my proudest academic accomplishments because not only with my hard work and determination I was able to prove to everyone that I was capable of bringing my grades up but also asking for help to do so.

Madison from California
High School Senior
Serra High School