Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying for tests have not always been my favorite activity to do. I just don't get excited thinking about having to sit down for hours to study material we have already been learning in class. I think many other students can agree with me on this one, however; this task of preparing for a test has to be done. The best way for me, when it comes to preparing for a test, requires some motivation. You have to be in the right mindset to begin studying. Over my four high school years, I have gotten the test taking thing down and have found some trick to help me succeed when I sit down to take that test. It is also very important to note to not wait the night before to start studying, so I usually start studying 2 or 3 nights before. The first step I have to take is clearing my study area of all distractions. If I am sitting at my desk and my phone is right by me, I will get nothing done, except maybe catching up on the latest instagram posts. Next, I will lay out all of my study materials. I am generally a pretty organized student so all my notes and such are color coordinated or filled will sticky notes. Having all my materials laid out in front of me helps me have easy access to anything information I need. I start from the beginning of the section we are learning and go from there. I make flashcards, make quizlets, write down any questions I have, and make sure I understand that information before I move on to the next section. Something funny that I do is if I study for a certain amount of time I reward my self with some food, which has always helped me go that extra hour of studying. These are my tips and tricks that I have been using throughout my high school experience and they have always worked out for me. I will defienlty continue to use them throughout college.

Madeline from Nebraska
High School Senior
Marian High School