Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I began taking college courses as a sophomore in high school so being able to develop great test preparation strategies earlier on in my life was extremely important in determining whether or not I would pass a class. Especially because I plan on going into the field of Veterinary Medicine, being able to develop quality strategies to help me understand the material is vital. Thus far, my test preparation strategies have worked and I have not, as a current high school senior, failed any of my classes. I have quite a few different strategies that I use depending upon the subject of the course that I am studying, but I will list a few.

To begin, no matter what subject I am studying, I also cut out whatever distractive devices that I can. This includes turning off any nearby electronic devices to deter the possibility of being distracted if I get a notification or even just feel a desire to check my email. This is the first step that I take to prepare my area before a study session. Next, I enjoy splitting up larger concepts or topics into smaller chunks so that I am able to study efficiently so that I am able to memorize the material at a high quality. Being able to do this really helps me understand what I am studying, allows me to make short pop quizzes for myself, and also gives me the opportunity to truly understand what we are learning especially if I am having trouble with a certain concept.

The next test preparation strategy that I have is to never skip any class period. Missing out on any class, especially science and mathematics, can completely throw me off track the next class that I go to as I would've missed an entire chapter of material. Additionally, If I am struggling with anything before an upcoming test, I also prioritize going to my proffessors or tutors to ask any questions that I may have and to go over certain material or practice problems to make sure that I am understanding the general concept and not just how to work a specific problem.

Kendall from Ohio
High School Senior
Ohio Connections Academy