Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Procrastination is a fatal nemesis of mine. I admit that studying is not a fun pastime for me. I find myself lacking the motivation to actually sit down to study. However, I find myself needing to study productively to get the desired results.
Music is essential as I find that chill music allows my mind to comprehend what I'm studying. Subjects or classes that are less difficult for me such as English or History usually requires reading long texts. I'm an avid reader, so a nice reading chair with a drink resting nearby is all need to remember for the test and class. I currently take AP Calculus AB and AP Biology. These subjects are much more difficult for me to process and remember for tests, especially cumulative. I approach AP Calculus tests long before the tests as I take time to work out the problems, memorize formulas and procedures, and work out past free response questions. That takes approximately three hours each session to feel somewhat confident on my full understanding of a subtopic of the unit. My environment for studying Calculus is a big table, small snacks, my laptop playing chill music, many erasers, and the Calculus related papers. I write out formulas and tips in a notebook or a random piece of paper while I work out problems. Calculus requires repetitive practice and its hard remembering every aspect of a unit. Before the test, I just make sure that I remember the tips and procedures written on that "cheat sheet". Biology is a lot of reading and visual learning. My teacher introduces catchy sayings or shortcuts in memorizing the overall picture of a biology chapter such as photosynthesis. When learning the chapter, I read the textbook's take on the subject once. I don't like the textbook as it tends to confuse me. It serves a slight introduction to the subject. I actually study using khan academy and youtube videos that my teacher links to her google classroom. I rewatch until I grasp the content. Different subjects need different preparation.

Molina from California
High School Senior
Long Beach Polytechnic High School