Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Coming from a school with a copious amount of tests on a weekly basis, I have learned the importance of finding preparation strategies that work best for me. I have tried quite a few methods of preparing for assessments, and I believe that the best test preparation tactic that I have found is taking practice tests. With most new activities in my life, I have always felt as if I will never truly be prepared for it unless I attempt it for myself. This especially applies to tests for me because I feel as if I will not know how well I know the material until I am tested on the information that I have learned. While reviewing my notes from class is helpful to make sure that I have learned all of the materials, I do not know if I truly know the information I am reading unless I am quizzed on it. Because of this, I like to have a friend test me on the material or take any practice assessments that are available to me. When I do this, I can see what information I know well and what information I should focus on during my studies. Additionally, practice tests can help me to develop strategies for managing my time or figuring out which types of questions I should prioritize. From practice tests in the past, I have learned to make sure that I do not spend too much time on one question, and that I should do the questions I am most comfortable with first so that I am guaranteed to get more points than I would if I went in order and got stuck on one question. This strategy was especially helpful when I was preparing for the SAT. In order to do this, I took multiple full-length practice exams so that I would know what to expect on the actual test and have a plan for taking the test. Because of these practice tests, the actual SAT seemed much less difficult, and I was able to score a 1480 on my first try. Taking practice tests has helped me a great deal on several exams, and I am glad that I found this strategy that has become a vital aspect of my preparations for assessments.

Dylan from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Downingtown STEM Academy