Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When it comes to studying for tests, I have been previously ignorant. I got through many classes in high school and my freshman year of college with only looking over my notes and the class given study guide. I never had a reason to try any harder until I started microbiology. On the first test, I received a 100 and on the second I got an 85. After the disappointment of the second test, I decided that I would study for the test and come up with a good way of doing it. This led me to how I now study. In microbiology, she gave us workbooks that we would use for preparatory assignments; I took these and put them all into one Word document and took the answers straight of out the book and combined them with what we learned in the class. Since I have the online version of the book, I am also able to use the splicing tool on my laptop to copy figures from the book directly into the study guide. I also add questions from the end of the chapters at the end of the study guide as a sort of “posttest” to test the knowledge.
Having this study guide is only half of the equation. Once I have the study guide I would make two paper copies: one for me and one for my friend. We would get together as many times as possible to run through the study guide together as well as separate. Once we were together, we went to a room with a whiteboard to be able to draw figures out and to explain ideas better. We take turns asking the questions of the study guide to each other and make sure the other can explain the idea with the precision and specificity that the professor typically looks for in answers. We try to meet three separate times at least one day in advance to the test because it is found that you remember information better with multiple run-throughs of the ideas over several days. That is how I study for a test.

Brett from Kansas
College Sophomore
Baker University