Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My name is Savannah Berardi and I am a senior at Penn-Trafford High School in Harrison City, PA. I learned from an early age that I would have to work extra hard to get good grades. I struggled with learning how to read and I believe that made me work much harder than my peers. Those early years set an important standard for me and my study habits. Anytime a new subject is introduced to me in class, I will immediately begin to research the topic at home. I will take notes and typically review these topics when I do my homework during study hall and in the evening. I find that if I do this I can retain the information much better and will be successful on the quiz or test on the new subject matter. I am also a big fan of reviewing items in my head. So if I have new subject matters to learn, when I am driving or at work (Dunkin') I will try to review these things in my head. When it's time to prepare for a big exam, I tend to take the night before and outline all of the major items that I will need to know. It helps me to re-write facts down to retain that information. Sometimes if there is a large amount of information to learn, I will ask my parents or brother to give me sample quiz so that I can figure out what I need to study more versus what I already know pretty well. I find that if I get a good night's rest the prior day to a large test, I typically do better. Sleep is definitely important for your brain to function properly. I use all of these studying techniques to be successful in taking tests. I plan to continue these practices while I attend college.

Savannah from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Penn-Trafford High School