Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are numerous ways an individual can prepare for a test or even an exam. In my 16 years of schooling, I have learned that one of the most effective ways of studying is through the use of "grouping". This is a method that I developed during a period of time in which I had many different exams resulting fairly close to one another. This study method is done in 2 parts. I believe it is important to place relating materials together and break down the material from the easiest to retain to the most complex material. Disney Channel (which is a children’s channel) played a huge part in my studies.
In my childhood I was a big fan of watching Disney Channel. Often times there were shows like Hannah Montana, that used dancing and songs to help the actress remember school information. This actually inspired me and now most of the things I have learned from Disney channel I still apply now. At a very young age I began using the Arts as a way to study for my examination. I would group the information I would need to study in terms of different form of Art that exists. Whether it be me writing songs to retain methods in my science and mathematics classes or me creating skits to retain information.
When it came to my English courses, my memory was often tested. I used acting as a way to imagine the words I would read so it can essentially come to life. I would imagine myself in the literature I was reading then after reading I would re-write all I remembered to insure it was stored in my long-term memory which also helped me further understand the material.
I also used singing when it came to studying in my Science and Math courses. When it came to remembering formulas I would write short songs that would help me retain what the formula did and what the formula was. This transformed my academic life.

Ivana from New Jersey
College Junior
Rutgers University-NB