Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation and good study habits are key to succeed on tests of various sorts. Throughout my four years of high-school, I have learned to use time to an advantage and create a process that never fails! My top secret practice is the 90% / 10% (90/10) method. The 90% / 10% method is devoting 90% of your time to study new material and roughly 10% of your time reviewing the material that you have already gone over. This method works wonders for me because it gives me structure with a set plan for how I study. Studies have shown that our mind can only effectively absorb a certain amount of material in a given time. Something that has helped me prepare for tests is to study in simple increments of 30 minutes while applying the 90/10 method. This allows for 10 minute mental breaks in between and has statistically shown to improve retainment of material. By applying these short breaks, your mind and body have time to recover. Small things like this can make the biggest difference for your ability to comprehend new information. Tests are composed in many ways which can make them tricky and unpredictable at times. As long as you understand the concepts and learn the material in healthy way, you will benefit from your obtained study skills. By consistently using the 90/10 method, I have learned that it is extremely important to keep in mind the purpose of your study subject. Tests are created to assess your knowledge on a subject, therefore it is important that you not only retain the information, but truly understand it as well. These preparation practices have truly helped me organize both my time and my thoughts. By finding what works for me, I have set the foundation for my achievement. I can apply efficiency and structure to overcome a test, a challenge, or a studious task. As college approaches, I plan to keep my study skills so that I can succeed in the architectural design industry. I am beyond excited to share my ideas for they have helped me beyond measures.

Saiyann from Washington
High School Senior
North Creek High School