Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I recently started incorporating my own test taking preparations because the ones "issued" by the school, teachers, etc. just was not working for me. I came up with various prep ideas or even possibilities. When a test was coming up I would first, learn the material, then proceed with making that material stick. I would do that by making multiple study cards, but from different points of view. When I say that, I mean I would make my initial set of study cards then, I would allow my friends to put in the things they wanted to focus on. I did that because to me, there was no way I was going to remember everything I needed to study. There was going to be one thing I was going to leave out something. That was highly possible. So by incorporating other people's points of view, I believed I would cover everything necessary to succeed on the test. Turns out I was right because the results were high, so we stuck with it.
The second test technique I decided to use for my benefit was using colored sticky notes and that is how I kept my studying organized. For someone that thrived on organization and organization being the most important asset to success for, this one was the one I referenced the most. There were four colors in total, each representing levels of understanding reached after strenuous studying. For example, pink represented the things I understood well . Blue represented things that I struggled to understand. Orange represented things that I just could not grasp and yellow represented the things I was blind sided by.
These two techniques contributed to a major part of my success in school. I never really had to study in middle school, but my main reason for studying was because I knew that school did not come easy to some people like it had to me. I made a decision to round up some of the smartest minds I had access to and form a group that would contribute to the success of all. I will continue to do so and carry those techniques with me into college.

Damien from Louisiana
College Freshman
Louisiana Tech University