Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have always maintained a strong academic record by having flexible test preparation options to better retain the material and receive passing scores. First, I like to create my own personal study guide to use as a reference. I started doing this my freshman year of high school and it has helped me build confidence and reduce test anxiety when I am able to see similarities between the actual test and my study guide I put together. A common mistake some students make is reading the entire chapter from the textbook leading to feeling overwhelmed with too much information to comprehend at once, and finally their minds going blank when stuck on the test questions. I take out every key term that is important to remember and summarize its content with my own definition, but I also make sure that my definition is as accurate as the book. The main ideas and details are what appear on the tests. By contrast, the minor details are supportive of the main content, however, it is best to look at the big picture rather than trying to memorize the entire chapter. To add in making my study guide, I also listen to music so that I do not easily get distracted.
Another way I get ready for tests is taking practice tests to help prepare me for the real one. I take practice tests to allow me to get an idea of what I should expect rather than being confused or anxious during the test. Another common mistake that some students make is assume that practice tests are not necessary, because they are confident they understand the information and will pass the test without taking the time to practice in their own personal time. Practicing a pre-made test can really make a difference! Taking a test can be a make or break situation, however, once students discover different methods that work well for them as these two do for me, then their test taking skills will become stronger!

Jazmin from Virginia
College Freshman
Liberty University