Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have a hard time studying, taking test, and disciplining myself to study. Focus and concentration is extremely hard for me. When I was in first grade, I remember standing at the kitchen table and spelling my words over and over again until I got every single word right. Now, being 17 years old, it is harder to concentrate and really grasp what I am learning. I now have two ways that help me the most. My first way is notecards. If I have a test on Friday, I start making notecards the day that the teacher gives us the information that will be on the test. I will go over my notecards every night. My second method of studying is almost the same thing, but instead I write everything on notebook paper and highlight every word with one color and the definition in another color. I also like to listen to classical music in a quite room while I write the material on notecards or a piece of notebook paper and then stand up and walk around saying the material out loud. Chewing gum is a must have for me while I study and take a test as well. I find that I stay focused longer and my concentration is stronger. When it comes to studying, I usually have two to three test a week and three to four quizzes a week. When I sat down to relax after school or practice, I got in a lazy mindset and did not feel the need to study. Going into high school I knew that would not work. I would give myself fifteen minutes of relax time and then pull out the books. I found it easier to get my homework done first and then study for my tests or quizzes. Setting a thirty minute timer helped me divide my study time and get familiar with the material on each test or quiz later on in the week. These are things I do to make sure I am one hundred percent ready for my up coming tests.

Paytan from North Carolina
High School Senior
Wilmington Christian Academy