Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In the past, I have recognized that I do not perform well under pressure, and thus I am not a procrastinator in any aspect of my life. Vacations, homework and of course test preparation are all approached from the lens of getting it done sooner is better than later. That being said, my test preparation practices are relatively simple. When a teacher introduces a test, I gather all of the materials needed to study, and then set a plan for when I will actually do the studying. For example, if on Monday I see a math test is coming up in one week, I will study the material within a day or two. This could either be in the form of questions from homework assignments or, in some cases, a practice test made by the teacher. By studying quickly after the test is assigned, I have enough time to go to the teacher and ask questions multiple times before test day. After getting the help I need, I then study the material again. If I find that I still need help on some subjects, I will go to the teacher once more before the weekend and get clarification on those issues. Lastly, a day or two before the test, I will practice again and make sure that I know the material. I recognize that this may seem like I may memorize the answers to the practice test, and to avoid this, I usually use different problems in the book to mix it up and make sure I know the material. This approach of planning ahead and making a study schedule works for me because it gives me some cushion time so I am not stressed the night before the exam. In addition to reducing stress, this type of advance preparation allows me time to go to the teacher and make sure that I know the information intimately before taking the test. By getting all of my questions answered, I am able to go in on test day feeling confident and ready to get an A without issue.

Josh from Arizona
High School Senior
The Gregory School