Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When analyzing my own test preparation practices, I have no one else to thank but my high school. I attended Odyssey Academy in Rochester, New York from 6th-12th grade. This school was the only one in the area which offered International Baccalaureate courses alongside the Advanced Placement courses. Taking these courses throughout my duration at this school helped me to become the student that I am today.

I currently have an average GPA of 3.93 while working two part-time jobs. Although this is tough, my study tactics are the main reason for how well I am doing. First, I take all the notes from my classes and copy them in a study-guide format in my notebook at least a week before I have an exam. This gives me time to look over the study guide every day for at least an hour. This is the most effective method since the course material is being ingrained in my mind, which helps me learn rather than memorize which most students resort to during a time crunch. The morning of the exam, I re-write all of my notes again, which may seem tedious. Although this is hard work, the repetition is the main reason for my success in studying.

I am grateful to have learned these studying techniques early on and will continue to use them and be successful when I transfer to the University of Pittsburgh next fall (2019).

Taylor from New York
College Sophomore
Monroe Community College