Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The first strategy is to spend enough time studying and reviewing test materials especially those questions that I have difficulties with. I usually begin to review test questions that are hard and then the last thing I review is the easy questions.

The second way is to begin my studying way in advance. If a test is in 2 months, I start studying immediately so that I have enough time to familiarize myself with test material and get help that I need.

The third way that helps me with test preparation is to have a tutor, whenever possible. Tutors help me to solve and understand test questions that I struggle with. Someone like a tutor can make it easier for you to understand tough test questions.

The fourth way is to study in groups. Creating study groups with classmates who are taking the same test can help with preparing for the test.

The fifth way is to find the shortest and easiest way to solve and answer a test question.

The sixth way is to rest my brain and have loads of sleep before test day. If I show up tired for testing day, I will likely forget everything that I reviewed and studied. Therefore it is important to rest and have enough sleep.

The seventh way is to relax and be positive. I personally feel anxious and stressed when I am about to take a test. This causes me to quickly forget what I studied. One way that relaxes my brain is be positive or listen to music on my way to take my test.

The eighth test preparation when taking a test is to first answer all easy questions that I know and then do the hard ones at last.

The ninth strategy is to eat a good meal before going to take my test.

The tenth strategy is to time myself during test studying so that when test day comes, I can manage my time efficiently.

Lastly, I use mnemonic strategies to help me with remembering what I studied. With these mnemonic strategies, I can remember quickly needed equations or other information needed to answer a test question.

These are the test preparations that work best for me and I like them because they have helped me to score better on tests. But my test preparations always change depending on how easy or difficult the test is.

Patience from New York
College Junior
George Washington University. Milken Institute of Public Health