Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparation for tests begin with being present for all of my professors' lectures and presentations. It's pertinent that I attend all of my classes not only to take clear and detailed notes but also to ask any questions that I might have on the subject being taught. I always attend my classes with my laptop as I find it much easier to quickly type the notes than to write down everything being presented. Having folders with daily notes allows me to quickly look for key information while creating papers or additional notes to study with. I simply search for the words or phrases and I have everything I need at my fingertips. I've also learned that by hearing the lesson being taught, processing the information, and then typing the notes up also helps to instill the information on a deeper level.

I've also learned of the importance of working with my classmates in small study groups. Creating a Google Doc allows us to share information in real time and even make notes or remarks to share with one another always proves beneficial. The way I might process the information make not make sense initially but having a counterpart share their perspective might be exactly what I need.

Cramming for a test is not something I desire to do. I want to start with learning the information so that it is retained and not memorized. Conversations, debates, and discussions help me so that I might have a deeper understanding of the content.

Test preparation starts with first being present and eager to listen/learn. Next, reviewing the information allows for the information to be rooted deeper into my brain. Finally, seeking for input from peers helps me to get a different perspective or answers to questions from fellow classmates. If I need clarity; I cannot be afraid to ask questions from my professors, my peers, and even at times from my husband. Studying begins with a desire and a drive to learn. That is true not just for me but for every student.

Anna from Texas
College Junior
Texas A&M