Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Some of the best test preparation practices I have developed and plan to continue and evolve even more throughout my college experience include a quiet place to focus, rereading and rewriting important note topics to focus on most and mastering and understanding practice questions and answers. However, one of the most important things I must do when I’m studying is put my phone down to disregard it as a distraction and disruption, but not study straight through without little brain breaks in between. I begin to lose the retained information if I do not allow myself these breaks. It is very important for me to not get too stressed out because this will often just ruin my train of thought and I understand I must just do what I can with what I know. But without this mindset and set up of a study environment my study preparation tactics become no longer effective. A quiet environment is essential for me because I can not focus in an environment that has other distracting factors stimulating my other senses such as this noise. I also find success is rereading and rewriting important information because my brain can make better sense of things with repetition of seeing and further understanding which leads to my third tactic of mastering practice questions. Practice questions can be very helpful for me because it makes my thought process work more effectively as if I was taking the test and knowing how to apply the acquired information I have gained rather than simply memorizing and reciting it back. I by far believe these principles of test preparation practices are most effective for me and can be for many other students and can apply to any subject matter which is also very important to understand how to apply in different areas of concentration of learning especially in a new and challenging college environment.

Alyssa from Connecticut
High School Senior
Bristol Eastern High School