Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation does not start a week or a day before the exam; it starts from day one. The most useful thing I do is I go over everything we do in class as soon as possible so I can still remember what the professor said in class. For example, I study a lecture within a week from it being explained and no longer than that. If work or family is in the way of doing that or you are busy with other classes, then studying a lecture that is 2-week-old is a nightmare and I recommend recording it so that no information is missed.
Another thing that determines my success is how I study not how long. For example, try to find ways to make information stick longer. I try to find phrases that represent an actual concept. My favorite one has helped remember the nerves’ functions. Using the following phrase “Some say Marilyn Monroe, but my brother says Brigitte Bardot mmm mmm”. This phrase might be meaningless, but it has a lot of useful information. The phrase is made up of 12 words that corresponds to how many cranial nerves we have. There are 3 types of nerves, motor, sensory, and both. The words in the phrase start only with M, B, and S which corresponds to sensory, motor, and both. For example, to find which nerve is which, the forth word is Monroe meaning the forth nerve is a motor nerve, etc. I have taken this class about 2 years ago and I only remember the information that was organized like that. Some might think that this process is so time consuming, but it takes less time than reviewing the same chapter for 2 or 3 times because this technique works from the first time. Of course, this technique does not work with everything but at least it will save time on some classes and make room to study the classes that cannot be simplified as explained. When the exam day comes, I spent a day or two prior reviewing the concepts that were not simplified and that is usually about half or even less than half the material, saving time and effort while getting an A on every exam.

Mariam from Arizona
College Junior
Pima Community College