Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is a marathon, not a race. When you study for a test, going at a steady pace is one of the most important things you can do. I personally study consistently over a span of at least a week if it is an exam. In a student's life, test preparation could help make a B into an A, or a F into a B. One of the best ways I study tests is through flashcards-- the old fashioned method of writing terms by hand. Most people use Quizlet these days, which is a great way to study, but writing down things by hand is a form of learning that works for me. When I write things down, I also read it to myself and that helps me remember the material also. Another way I learn is through quizzing someone else. When a person does that they have the answers in front of them side by side with the questions. Relaying the information to someone else and having them answer helps the brain focus on the material. It is a learning technique that I consistently use with every quiz and exam. Having study groups is another good test preparation skill. Studying with other people, while being focus on the subject, helps someone if they are confused about the material. With everybody looking at things differently, having different viewpoints would be useful with analyzing the work. There are many different strategies in a group that works also-- such as quizzing, games like Kahoot, keeping each other on task, and many more. Working as a group with studying is another habit that I use with my exams to make sure that I completely understand the material and stay on track by being inspired by the focused mood of the atmosphere. There are many different ways to learn, and everyone has different ways of doing it. Everyone should find out their study style; it will help them out in the long run and create academic success!

Skylar from Texas
High School Senior
Clear Horizons Early College High School