Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The human mind is one that holds many wonders, one of them being how we obtain information and memories. Most college students suffer from test anxiety and will feel overwhelmed by expectation to surpass in performance. I know that I double guess myself constantly, even in subjects that I am passionate and confident in. To prepare for a test, a like to make sure that I take a moment to clear my mind. This involves taking deep breathes and allowing myself to sit in complete silence. This is a way for me to tell myself that the information I am about to learn should not bring me any anxiety and that I can be calm when presenting the information I have learned. I try to not study in my room or in areas where I know I can be easily distracted or I can later associate with work. It is best to separate those two aspects of life, the academic and social life. I will then put on sound waves that are known to stimulate the brain. It helps me keep focus and at the same time, I can feel my mind have a sense of relief with the alpha waves.I am a visual learner, so even though the information is given in a printable form, I challenge myself to write it down so that I am not dependent on the sheet. Lastly, education is not about memorization. We are challenging ourselves to grow and be a productive member of society, so I like to incorporate what I am learning into real life situations. I like to take my studying experience outside the classroom. Once I have been able to prepare information, I try to incorporate it at work or with friends. They say that teaching is the best method to show that you have mastered an area of focus. At the end of the day, a test doesn't define you as a student, so don't let it overwhelm you. Have a passion for learning and truly being able to apply all that you learn in real life. Once you are able to overcome those thoughts, you will be able to focus when studying and feel confident in yourself when taking a test.

Diana from Georgia
College Sophomore
Oglethorpe University