Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

One of the best test preparation is to be prepared! That is going to school, listening to the teacher, taking notes, and reviewing the notes before a test. Being a good student does not just happen, you must be prepared and that requires preparation. I have found that listening in class and taking good notes and reviewing has been the best way to prepare for tests. More importantly, showing up to school, you can't be prepared if you are not present. Preparation has lead me to being an Honor Graduate at my school and in the top ten percent in my class. In the fall, I will attend Mercer University, although I am undecided in a major; I know that being prepared has made a way to attend my school of choice. Preparation is the key to success in anything that you may pursue in life. Don't be afraid to try something new, do the research, and prepare to be successful. I applied this throughout my high school career, I tried new classes, joined the Quiz Bowl team, enrolled in Yearbook, went out for our school play, and for each activity, I researched what was needed to be successful and put the preparation in to be successful. You can do anything you put your mind to with a little preparation and work. Preparation for is the key for anything in life, once you understand what your goals are in life, make a plan (preparation), and work your plan. Granted life will throw you some curve balls, disappointments, but preparation will help you to deal with those things because you will have a foundation to work from; the road is not easy but with preparation, you will get to the finish line. The best test preparation is to be prepared! Do not go into a test not having reviewed your materials given in class, whether it be notes, powerpoints, books, or collaborative projects, being prepared is the best test practice. Use every opportunity available to you to to be successful in and out of the class. Preparation is the key to success which will help guide you to your goals in life.

Larry from Georgia
High School Senior
Augusta Christian Schools