Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Often times we as humans get super nervous when we hear the word “test” or “quiz”. Most of the time we get nervous because we feel as if we don’t know as much as we are expected to know. Me , myself am one of those people. Some ways to ensure that I won’t be so worried on the day of the test/quiz are ; to start studying the same day the test/quiz is announced. I like to go section by section. Meaning I take little chunks of what the test is about and study those chunks until I have it mostly nailed down. Every day I spend about an hour to an hour and a half studying on my topics. As the day gets closer I like to spend any second I can studying the problems or questions that I have a hard time with. The night of the test/quiz I go over every single problem. I try to go to sleep as early as I can to get a good night's rest. In the morning I like to always take showers so that I can be more awake that morning. I eat a pretty good breakfast so during the test I won't be hungry. I always try to have a good day and have good talks with others so that during the test I will not be distracted by any problems other than the ones on the test.

Miriam from Utah
High School Senior
West High School