Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Let's get to the hard truth, test are scary. People have mental breakdowns over test everyday. Another hard truth: People do not know how to study. With these tips that I use, I stay ready for any test and you can too. For a multiple choice test, I do not just focus on the letter choice that is correct because teachers can witch that up all the time. I make flashcard of the right answer and quiz myself for at least 2 days before the test. Procrastination is NOT a great test preparation practice. For vocabulary test, that's easy. There is a website called quizlet.com that allows you to make your own specialized test and flashcards. It's perfect! Math test are a different beast but I believe I have conquered those as well. Make sure that you take pictures of the types of problems you all do in class. Go on google and look up practice worksheets and complete a few problems and do NOT leave out word problems. Those are really what gets people. Now for preparation practices outside of studying. Affirmations is something i do the morning of a test. I will stand in the mirror and say "You got this" or ''You are going to pass". This really helps with confidence. Also, eating a well balanced breakfast helps get your brain circulating so things like oatmeal or a banana are good. Lastly, right before the test I will close my eyes and breath. Relaxation helps with the nervousness that you will have no matter how prepared you are. Those are my great test preparation practices and they work for me because I stick to it and they are universal for all subjects.

Mychal from Georgia
High School Senior
Stephenson High school