Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When it comes to math test, I take the quote "You retain 90% of what you teach" to heart. When ever there is a large unit test for math I get in a small study group of friends in a public place like a cafe or library (because then you are held accountable to actual get stuff done) and take turns teaching each other on how to solve a problem. We do this for the whole study guide and it has really helped enforce the learning because they are you friends they won't be afraid to as questions like why is that? How did you get that? and that makes you justify you answer and think deeper about the math. This is good because if there is a question on the test but it is worded differently, you will still be able to answer the question because you have such a great understanding of the math that its not a problem if its not the exact question you studied.

KIRA from California
High School Senior
Samueli Academy