Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying for a test can be very stressful, especially when test anxiety seems to consume your entire body and brain. All throughout high school, I struggled with finding the best study techniques that worked for me and having major anxiety once I was taking tests. I was surrounded by peers who could simply read over the notes that were taken in class the day before a test and call it a day. This was frustrating for me because I needed to do a lot more to fully understand all of the concepts, which in turn made me feel as though I wasn't as good of a student. In the last two years, I have really honed in on and found the study techniques that work the best for me. When it comes to learning, I am both a visual and verbal learner. This means that I retain material a lot better when I am the one physically writing the information down or, depending on the class, am learning the material to photos or videos. Knowing this about myself was the first step to learning what my best test preparation practices are. Flashcards have seemed to be my savior in the recent years when it comes to studying. Something about writing the information down and then reading the question out loud, versus just in my head, has helped immensely. I need repetition in order to grasp and retain the information fully. So, by writing out all of my flashcards and repeatedly reading each question out, I am able to retain the information a lot quicker than I typically would by simply just re-writing my notes, or re-reading the chapters. This is going to be different for every individual, and I cannot stress enough how important it is to understand what learning style one embodies most. By understanding this and being aware of one's learning style, it will be much easier for one to practice and implement study habits that suit their learning style.

Amanda from California
College Sophomore
Santa Rosa Junior College