Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

After having many encounters with tests in my high school career, it is imperative can I find an effective way to study. I often utilize card apps so I can study on the go, not just at home. I am often out participating in clubs, sports, and work, and the rare time I do find myself at home, I tend to want to focus on written homework. Studying elsewhere such as in line at the grocery store where I would be doing nothing anyway helps me use my time effectively.
I also like to get together with friends to discuss topics I don't understand so we can all get a better understanding of them. Similarly, my friends and I who are in the same classes will create an Interactive document that we can all view and edit, that has study material for a test. Sometimes sitting at home flipping through notes gets boring and I tend to lose focus or not even remember the material in general, so getting with groups that check me helps me stay on track, and even become more interested in the material.

Lainey from Arizona
High School Senior
Paradise Valley High School