Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test taking is an important part of receiving an education. Tests allow the student to prove to the professor or instructor that they have retained the information taught to them and that they fully understand it. With tests being how many college professors base the entirety of a student’s grade, students should have ways to prepare for these important tests and ensure they retain the knowledge.
As a freshman in college I have had to take numerous tests throughout my years as a student, and each year the tests become more important. For example, as a college student one of my midterms was worth 25% of my total grade for the semester. This increases the importance of one test drastically and forces students to study and prepare for the test, unlike in high school where many teachers allow make-up tests or extra credit assignments. So as a freshman in college what are some of the ways I prepare for tests to ensure I make a good grade?
The first way I prepare for a test is taking tests from previous semesters and ensuring I know I how to solve the problems on those tests. Many college professors will post tests from previous semesters online so students are able to have an idea of what the test may be like. These old tests are a great way to prepare because they have many of the same type of questions one may see on the upcoming tests. Also, the old tests allow me to see what questions and areas I had trouble with, so I can ask my professors and peers for help.
The next way I prepare for exams is going to study sessions weeks before the tests. These are great places to learn the material that was not clear in lecture and to be able to go at a much slower pace. This allows me to ensure I know the material that is going to be on the upcoming test. Also, going to the study sessions weeks in advance help me to have a better understanding of the materials because I am not simply cramming the night before.
Many students have different ways they prepare for tests, whether it’s studying all the material at once or taking old tests. Whatever preparation method works best for you, find it and stick to it because you will always take tests.

Blake from Texas
College Freshman
Texas Tech University