Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As we all know, avid preparation is the key to success for anything! For me, preparation techniques that simulate real testing content and structure allow me to conquer big tests.

The most important test I've ever prepared for was the SAT. On the PSAT, I got a 1270. It wasn't bad, but I was determined to do better. All of my dream schools required scores between 1300 and 1600 and I really wanted to make myself as competitive as possible. To accomplish any goal, it's helpful to have a plan, so I made one: I was going to do one full-length test every Sunday for a month before the big test. This method was helpful in building my endurance and helping me familiarize myself with certain content.

In my experience as a student, doing well on standardized tests is more about endurance than anything. The content might be relatively easy, but really hard to focus on because of how long or tedious the test is! By preparing with full-length tests, I was able to condition myself to function through the fatigue that tests like the SAT tend to breed.

My preparation also allowed me to refresh myself on topics I hadn't seen in a while. I chose content that was more challenging than average so that I could fly through the questions on the real test with ease.

All in all, my technique proved to work really well! I ended up scoring a 1410 on the SAT, a score perfect for every university I applied to!

Kendall from Maryland
High School Senior
Eleanor Roosevelt High School