Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I start out my test preparation by writing down the important dates for my test out in my planner. From there, I review whatever my teacher has handed out for the class to go over for the test. Often times, what a professor hands out is not enough to cover every subject that will appear on the test. Then there are the notes that I take in the class. Sometimes there are professors who hint at a topic during class, that might pop up on the test. If that is the case, I tend to highlight the information in class, so that way when I'm studying in the future for the test, the topic will be easy to spot. My next step would be to write down any information that I found to be noteworthy in my notes and transfer them to another page. This typically works for me because then I'm not just looking at all of the information in bulk. Next, I find it helpful to try and turn the information I just wrote down, into a question format. If I feel the extra need I look in the textbook for questions if the class uses a book. Then it is time for me to quiz myself over the test prep I have created. For this, I use a site called Quizlet. I enter in my questions and begin to quiz myself with the games and tests that the website creates with my questions. The whole process of preparing myself for a test takes a few days but since it does, that means the material will be in my head for a whole week. This allows me plenty of time to think it out. Finally, I get a good night's sleep the night before the test and wake up, eat a good breakfast as I take one last look over my test prep.

Abigail from Kansas
College Freshman
Washburn University