Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Prepping for a test can be a very daunting task if it has never been performed before. Many students across the globe either do not study for a test at all, or do what I like to call the "skim and trim" method. This is basically reading as quickly as you can through all of the test material the hour before the test and cut out , memorize, small phrases that seem important. This may work to achieve a 70% but it is not truly helpful. Most of the information will be forgotten by the next hour. I would not recomend staying up for multiple nights for many hours just reading over textbooks. The most successful method I have found is to create my own questions out of the test material. These questions should range from true and false, fill in the blank, short answers, and multiple choice. First purchase about 200 small flash cards, enough to shuffle them together. Then, write each question on its own flashcard with the answer on the back. Personally, I was very surprised with how close I came to even predicting the questions on the test. The more often you prepare for test like this. Your skills on creating better questions and harder questions will improve immensely.

Hayden from Oklahoma
High School Senior
Pocola High School