Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As someone who has always waited last minute to study, I learned new techniques on mastering lots of information in a short amount of time. Using these techniques, once I got to college, I applied them over a long period of time and found increased scores. Before I do anything, I read over all my information. I like to make sure I've seen it once and know what I am studying. Then, I start highlighting the main words so they stick out. I find ways to help me remember which two words go together, whether it be a weird spelling or an acronym. After this, I make flash cards and drill the definitions in my head. I keep doing each one until I have them completely memorized. After I memorize the definitions, I go back and reread the chapters and notes again. If there is a study guide given, I make sure I can answer every question and problem with no aid. Finally, I use Quizlet and its testing feature to make sure I have everything learned. I spread all these activities out, usually completing one a night for about four days in advanced. By doing this, not only am I memorizing the information, but I'm learning it well enough to be able to apply it and fully understand it. I have seen increased scores because of this, and it helps me retain the information for longer than just one test.

Crista from Louisiana
College Sophomore
Louisiana State University