Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

College exams scores can either make or break one's grade in a class; it also makes it ten times more important to prepare for each test as it determines one's GPA. Leading up to the exam it is necessary to acquire a syllabus with a layout of the course work for the semester; this will be the foundation to promote the best outcome. After reviewing the curriculum and obtaining the pattern of the professor, studying should now be on an every week bases. Thus, taking advantage of quality verse quantity. In my scenario, it is better to consider studying once a week further away from the test and then altering to every day leading up to the exam.
Regarding the quality of studying, every week class notes should be condensed. Condensing the notes onto one page helps to visualize and create a connection between each concept. These connections will make studying immensely easier as they can now relate to outside sources. I've found that condensing my work as Quizlet’s flashcards allow me to study on the go. These condense class notes will decrease the overwhelming feeling students usually get the night before an exam. The time, however, should be used productively. While studying, make sure the environment is comfortable and allows the flow of good energy. If that means turning on instrumentals or preparing a snack- Do it! Also, disable all social media; this will be a form of distraction. However, keep a timer.
While studying it can be challenging to remain concentrated when your either uninterested or exhausted of the subject. Thus, by using the "20/5" method would allow for an increase in productivity. Twenty minutes in each session will be used exclusively for studying and the five minutes will be a break. The timer will keep track of the time and act as a reminder to stay on task. Lastly, it's nice to create a study group session with friends to bounce ideas. The night before the test I would go over quick notes, now I am ready to A's this exam!

Keshell from New York
College Freshman
Alfred University